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For Emergency Medical Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emergency Medical Services (EMS)?

A local jurisdictions ability to deliver emergency response to individuals who are in immediate need of emergency medical attention; and while treating these individuals provide emergency transportation to a hospital emergency department while carrying out physician orders through pre-approved medical protocols as well as direct physician contact over radio.

What level of Emergency Medical Services can I expect in Talbot County?  

Talbot County, Maryland in partnership with our Volunteer Fire Departments provides 24 hour, 7 days a week Advanced Life Support coverage to the people of Talbot County.

A County Emergency Services Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician are positioned with an Advanced Life Support Unit in five (5) locations throughout the County. The locations selected are designed to be able to provide quick responses to every portion of the County. The locations include the Easton Airport, the Easton Volunteer Fire Department, the Trappe Volunteer Fire Department, the Saint Michaels Volunteer Fire Department, and the Tighlman Volunteer Fire Department.

How can I be more prepared when calling for EMS?

Talbot County Emergency Services in partnership with the Talbot County Paramedic Foundation supports a “File of Life” program.  Participants in this program complete a (paper) questionnaire that lists medical history, medications, and other important information. The document is sealed in a plastic bag, placed in the person’s freezer, and a sticker is placed on the front of the freezer which is a “tip off” to the paramedic that the information is available in the Freezer.  This key information becomes vitally important to not only the Paramedic but also to the hospital as the patient arrives.

Are Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) used in Talbot County?

Talbot County in partnership with the Talbot County Paramedic Foundation began the “Save a Heart” program in the 1990s at which time the County and Businesses worked together to provide training and to purchase units for placement throughout Talbot County.

Today there are over 170 AEDs located throughout Talbot County in public buildings, businesses, and other locations. Talbot County Emergency Services works with each facility to ensure staff are trained annually and support the facilities with the maintenance of units.  

The American Heart Association both promotes and recognizes that early defibrillation in patients who suffer Cardiac Arrests is the most effective means to resuscitating a person, and Talbot County has and continues to be a National Community Leader.

For information about this program you should contact the EMS division office at 410-770-8160

How can I receive CPR Training in Talbot County?    

In addition to various organizations that provide training Talbot County Emergency Services can provide training. For more information on this you may contact the EMS division office at 410-770-8160.


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