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If it were to become necessary to evacuate areas prone to storm surge flooding it would be coordinated by our law enforcement and highway/roads agencies through the Talbot County Emergency Operations Center. Traffic control points would be established and notice would be given initially as a recommendation and then if necessary as an order. In the Bay Hundred area, we would be recommending those in the most distant areas to leave initially with others closer to Easton to follow. In this event; although a shelter would be opened in Easton we would be encouraging persons to stay with friends or relatives.

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We encourage our residents to purchase a NOAA Weather Radio for your homes. By having a NOAA Weather Radio you can ensure you will receive timely alerts to Watches and Warnings. Additionally, local emergency management has the ability to issue messages over this system as well in times of emergency.

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Headquarters - Located at the Easton Airport on Corkran Road and staffed 24 hours a day.

CERT - Community Emergency Response Team