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General Information.... Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders Attend Search Presentation by Talbot County Emergency Services (DES) on Friday, March 4, 2011 at 12:24pm

Over sixty local law enforcement officials and emergency responders in Talbot County attended a presentation on Thursday March 3rd held at the Easton Volunteer Fire Department in Easton. The topic of the evening was to learn about a system of support as well as special techniques in searching for missing persons. The presentation was given by Mr. Cole Brown the State of Maryland Search Coordinator with the Maryland State Police. Mr. Brown has vast experience in leading search efforts in Maryland and is recognized for his expertise regionally as well as nationally.

The presentation focused on not only search techniques but also on the importance of establishing a unified command system, the development of a search plan, and the process for calling in available specialty resources to assist. Mr. Cole highlighted the importance of the balance between the law enforcement investigation and the search process always keeping the victim as the priority. Specifically he stressed the importance of personnel from various agencies and organizations working closely together.

Mr. Brown provided the attendees with checklists and other information which can be utilized to ensure searches for missing persons are set up and conducted in the best manner possible to assure a positive outcome.

Dallas Pope the Talbot County Sheriff expressed support for the effort by stating, “By working together, planning ahead of time, and knowing what resources are available we will be more effective in our efforts to locate missing persons.”

Cordova Volunteer Fire Departments Chief and Chair of the County Fire Chiefs Committee Chief Mark Secrist stated, “By attending presentations such as these our Volunteer Fire and EMS personnel in Talbot County will be better prepared.”

Officials in Talbot County will be working with Mr. Brown and other trained Search Managers in the region in an effort to see search operations run smoothly.

Mr. Clay Stamp, Director of Talbot County Emergency Services stated, “So often issues boil down to communication and relationship building when it comes to ensuring emergency operations run smoothly and effectively. Even though we are a small community where everyone knows everyone, we can still benefit by getting together as a group of public safety officials and emergency responders to learn from others and discuss ways to work together for the greater good.”

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