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General Information... Requested Burn Ban by Talbot County Emergency Services (DES) on Thursday, July 5, 2012


MEDIA CONTACT: Tim McNeal, 410-770-8165

July 5, 2012, Talbot County, Maryland – The Talbot County Fire Chiefs along with the Department of Emergency Services are strongly urging the public to refrain from burning until the extremely dry conditions improve.

In recent weeks the region has experienced a number of significant “Ground Cover” fires that have been ignited by what began as small controlled burnings, or accidental ignition from ground level fireworks.

Chief Jamie McNeal of the Easton Volunteer Fire Department expressed his concern while just returning from a brush fire in the area of Gregory road, “I am not sure people understand the seriousness of the situation, the ground is extremely dry and it takes very little to start a fire that can rapidly get out of control.”

Although the 4th of July is over, Chief McNeal wants those who have purchased fireworks to refrain from igniting them in an effort to prevent a fire, which may have been the cause of the Gregory road fire.

In addition to his concern for a brush or woods fire in itself, DES Director Clay Stamp expressed concern over the impact on the Volunteer Firefighters who may have to be called into action unnecessarily to fight a brush or woods fire, which is strenuous work in dangerously hot conditions.

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