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General Information....Representatives from Mid-Shore attend Public Safety Forum by Talbot County Emergency Services (DES) on Tuesday, January 25,2011 at 8:20am

Annapolis – Representatives from the Mid-Shore recently participated in a public safety forum chaired by Governor O’Malley. Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown and a number of Cabinet Secretaries were also in attendance.

Issues, problems, and solutions that ranged from interoperability of radio communications, parole and probation, intelligence sharing, technology developments, legislative initiatives, homeland security, and other general public safety programs and strategies were discussed.

After a series of regionalized group discussions, Governor O’Malley reviewed the findings in an open forum to determine needs and assessments, and to market the best practice solutions that serve to make our communities safer. The discussions and strategies offered will be incorporated into legislative packages, funding initiatives, and into the Governor’s 12 point program for public safety across the state.


Photo caption L/R – Sheriff Pope (Talbot Sheriff), Sheriff Randy Bounds (Caroline Sheriff), Mr. Clay Stamp (Director, Talbot County Department of Emergency Services), Governor O’Malley

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