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Natural Disaster

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Most disasters in Talbot County are weather related such as Thunderstorms, Ice Storms, Snow Storms, Hurricanes, Wind Events, Flooding and so forth. Since Talbot County has so much shoreline with many areas prone to flooding, it is important that your family's Emergency Plan address evacuation. If you have family out of the area and you have been informed via Cable, through Reverse 9-1-1, radio public service announcements and so forth that your public officials are requesting evacuation in your area, family outside the problem area is what you should consider before going to a shelter. Leave yourself plenty of time prior to the event to either go to a shelter or relocate with family or friends. Road traffic will increase with evacuation recommendations.

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station 90
Headquarters - Located at the Easton Airport on Corkran Road and staffed 24 hours a day.

CERT - Community Emergency Response Team